We ❤ beauty and skincare.

At Code18 Interactive, we work intimately with beauty and skincare brands. Whether your focus is e-commerce or brand marketing, we understand the unique demands of the luxury beauty market.

Why choose us for your skincare brand?

Our expertise with luxury skincare brands spans e-commerce website development, UX audits, content marketing, and more, making us the ideal partner to help your brand thrive. Our team has successfully collaborated with numerous brands, helping them navigate the digital landscape and maximize their online potential.

Digital Agency for Beauty and Skincare Brands
Extensive Experience

With years of experience working with beauty and skincare brands, we are thoroughly versed in industry nuances and consumer expectations. Our expertise in clean, user-friendly design, strategic content creation, and digital marketing makes us the ideal partner to elevate your beauty brand’s online presence. We have worked with numerous skincare brands, helping them create attractive digital marketing that resonates with luxury beauty customers.

Clean, User-Friendly Design Aesthetic

In the luxury beauty space, a polished, clean design is essential. We specialize in creating visually appealing, user-friendly websites that provide seamless shopping experiences. Our designs highlight your brand’s sophistication and attention to detail, making a memorable impression on your audience.

Highlighting Key Ingredients and Benefits

We understand how to effectively showcase the key actives in your products and explain their benefits and use-cases in approachable, relatable terms. Our content strategy ensures that your customers understand the value and efficacy of your products, building trust and driving conversions.

Comprehensive Digital Support

Beyond website design, we offer many digital marketing services to support your beauty and skincare brand. From engaging social media content and informative newsletters to high-quality 3D product renderings, we provide the necessary tools to maintain a consistent and captivating brand presence across all digital platforms. We provide a better experience for visitors and make managing and marketing your website a breeze.

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We elevate brands.

Code18 Interactive is a full-service digital agency for beauty and skincare brands based in New York City. We design and build thoughtful, creative websites that help beauty and skincare brands raise their profile and connect with customers.

Our services.

Skincare requires a delicate touch. We offer a range of tailored services designed to enhance brand visibility and appeal to luxury beauty customers, including:

Elegant, Polished Website Design

Your website should fully embrace, enhance, and elevate your brand. Your story is unique, and your website should be too. We take a thoughtful and detail-oriented approach to web design, ensuring that every element of the design and messaging aligns with your brand identity and helps tell your story.

Tailored Digital Strategies

We develop customized digital strategies that align with your goals and market position. Our holistic approach covers everything from website design and SEO to social media and content marketing, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence.

Strategic Content Creation

Our team excels at crafting strategic content that highlights and explains key ingredients and their benefits. We ensure your messaging is clear, engaging, and consistently aligned with your brand’s voice, enhancing customer understanding and trust.

Engaging Social Media Content

We create compelling social media content that captures attention and drives engagement. Our strategies are designed to boost the visibility of your skincare brand and foster a loyal community of followers.

Informative Newsletter Content

Our content marketing services include crafting informative and engaging newsletters that keep your customers informed and excited about your products. We focus on building strong relationships and driving repeat purchases through valuable email communication.

High-Quality 3D Product Renderings

We produce high-quality 3D renderings to showcase your products from every angle. These detailed visuals are a high-impact, cost-effective marketing tool, and a great alternative to traditional product photography. Our 3D renderings are perfect for websites and other marketing materials, and highlight your product’s features and benefits in the best possible light.

Partner with us.

Ready to elevate your beauty and skincare brand with expert digital solutions? Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can help your brand shine in the competitive beauty market.

This is what we do.

As a digital agency for beauty and skincare brands, we bring decades of digital marketing expertise to the table. And we do whatever it takes to make our clients shine.

Work that works.

From strategy and creative, through development and ongoing support, our talented team creates beautiful user-friendly websites that lead beauty and skincare brands to transformative growth.


We designed a stylish e-commerce website for the preeminent purveyor of professional hair, makeup and wardrobe products to Broadway and Hollywood alike.

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Bigelow Face Care Collection

We made this landing page to help promote the launch of a new Face Care line from C.O. Bigelow, America’s oldest apothecary.

Bigelow Face Care Collection

Perfect partners. ❤

We’ve worked with some of the very best luxury beauty and skincare brands in the business, helping them continue to evolve and grow.
  • C.O. Bigelow