CPG brands are our specialty.

At Code18 Interactive, we offer comprehensive website design and digital marketing services tailored specifically for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the CPG industry.

Why choose us for your CPG brand?

Walk down virtually any aisle in any grocery store or pharmacy, and you’ll find brands we’ve worked with. With two decades of experience as a digital agency for CPG brands, we have developed a deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges of this industry.

Agency for CPG Brands
Strategic Brand Positioning

Effective positioning is crucial for CPG brands to resonate with their target market. We excel at crafting a thoughtful and strategic web presence for your brand that highlights the unique qualities of your products. Our approach helps build credibility and trust with your target audience, enhancing your brand’s appeal and fostering consumer loyalty.

Build Credibility with Retailers

One of the key benefits of partnering with us is our ability to help your brand gain credibility with retailers. Our proven strategies and professional presentation can open doors to increased physical shelf space in more stores. By showcasing your products effectively, we make it easier for retailers to see the value in stocking your brand, ultimately expanding your market reach.

Accelerate the Approval Process

Our team has successfully collaborated with numerous food and personal care brands, helping them navigate the complexities of regulatory concerns and review processes. This expertise helps ensure that your brand’s digital presence is not only compelling but also compliant with industry and legal standards.

Attract Organic Traffic

Content marketing and holistic SEO are powerful tool for CPG brands to attract and engage their audience. Our content marketing and holistic SEO services are designed to attract organic traffic to your brand’s website, increasing visibility and consumer engagement. From informative blog posts and compelling website copy to engaging social media content and email newsletters, we create content that resonates with your target audience and drives results.

Build credibility and trust with your audience.
Showcase Products with 3D Renderings

In the competitive CPG market, visually appealing product presentations are essential. Our 3D rendering services efficiently portray your products in their best light, allowing consumers and retailers to appreciate their quality and design. When used on your website, marketing materials, and sales presentations, our 3D renderings provide a detailed and attractive representation of your products.

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We elevate brands.

Code18 Interactive is a full-service digital agency for CPG brands based in New York City. We design and build thoughtful, creative websites that help CPG brands raise their profile and connect with customers.

Our services.

With websites and digital marketing in general, CPG brands have unique challenges and goals. We offer a variety of services that are very helpful to CPG brands, including:

Website and Landing Page Design

Your website should fully embrace, enhance, and elevate your brand. Your story is unique, and your website should be too. Whether we are creating a full website for your brand, or a targeted landing page for just one campaign, we take a thoughtful and disciplined approach to web design, ensuring that every element of the design and messaging aligns with your brand identity and helps tell your story.

Digital Strategy Development

We create tailored digital strategies that align with your brand’s goals and market positioning. Depending on your circumstances, we can develop a targeted digital strategy based on a single campaign or product launch, or a holistic strategy encompassing everything from website design and content marketing to social media and SEO.

Brand Positioning and Messaging

We work with you to help develop a clear and compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience. This is a key step towards enhancing and elevating your brand’s reputation and fostering consumer loyalty.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing services include website copy, blog writing, social media content, and email newsletters. We create engaging content that attracts and builds your audience, driving organic traffic and increasing brand trust and visibility.

Multi-Language Support

Does your brand have a global reach? We have extensive experience in adapting websites for different countries and different languages. Depending on your circumstances, this might be one website published in multiple languages, or individual websites based on the same creative theme and customized for each market.

Store Locator Tools

We design and build user-friendly store locator tools for CPG brand websites that allow customers to check current inventory availability at their local retailers before they leave the house. We leverage point-of-purchase scanner data from a variety of vendors for this purpose.

Branded QR Codes

A custom QR code printed on-pack is a great way to connect deeper with your customers. Easily direct them to a landing page, a micro-site, or supporting content such as recipes or user manuals. The destination URL can be changed at any point without updating the QR code or reprinting your packaging, making it a valuable and flexible touchpoint for your brand.

More Than Websites

Websites, landing pages, and micro-sites are what we do every day. But we also produce high-quality advertising, brochures, catalogs, presentation materials, and more. And working with us ensures a consistent look, feel, and voice across all of your brand’s marketing collateral, regardless of medium.

Partner with us.

At Code18 Interactive, we are committed to helping CPG brands succeed with cost-effective digital marketing. Our comprehensive services, CPG industry knowledge, and strategic approach make us the go-to digital agency for CPG brands. Let us help you build your digital presence, attract customers, and achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand thrive in the competitive CPG market.

This is what we do.

As a digital agency catering to CPG brands, we bring decades of digital marketing expertise to the table. And we do whatever it takes to make our clients shine.

Work that works.

From strategy and creative, through development and ongoing support, our talented team creates beautiful user-friendly websites that lead CPG brands to transformative growth.

The Laughing Cow

We created a lively, vibrant website punctuated with 3D product animations for this legendary snack cheese brand that is beloved around the world.

The Laughing Cow

GoGo squeeZ

We created this website to promote America’s leading brand of squeezable fruit snacks for kids in a fun and approachable way.

GoGo squeeZ

Perfect partners.

We’ve worked with some of the very best Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands in the business, helping them continue to evolve and grow.
  • Balmex
  • Babybel
  • Bacitraycin Plus
  • Boursin Gourmet Cheese
  • Dormin Sleep Aid
  • GoGo squeeZ
  • Kaukauna Cheese
  • Merkts Cheese
  • Nurishh Brand
  • PediaCare
  • The Laughing Cow
  • Unisom