The agency for heritage brands.

We understand the unique complexities and advantages inherent in marketing heritage brands. Our team has decades of experience collaborating with heritage brands across various industries, including snack foods, publishing, and personal care.

Your legacy is your foundation.

With years of experience working with brands that boast 50 or even 100+ years of history, we understand the unique challenges and immense opportunities that come with such a storied legacy.

Digital Agency for Heritage Brands
There’s No Substitute for Authenticity

We fully understand the value that a long brand history brings and how to highlight that as a distinct competitive advantage over newer, start-up brands. Our proven strategies have helped many well-established brands rejuvenate their digital presence while maintaining their authentic identity.

Emphasizing Trust and Familiarity

Trust earned over generations is one of the most powerful assets of a heritage brand. We excel at showcasing this trust and familiarity in your digital marketing efforts, creating a durable connection with existing and potential customers. This builds credibility and fosters loyalty, making your brand a preferred choice.

Leveraging Unique Brand History

Every heritage brand has a unique origin story and a rich history that sets it apart. We specialize in brand research and crafting compelling narratives to illuminate your brand’s journey and milestones, enhancing your brand’s appeal and making it resonate with today’s consumers who value authenticity and tradition.

Enhancing Brand Familiarity

Familiarity is an inherent advantage that heritage brands can leverage. Many customers may have heard of your brand before but have not yet tried your products. Our targeted marketing strategies aim to rekindle interest and inspire these customers to engage with your brand, converting familiarity into loyalty for a new generation.

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We elevate brands.

Code18 Interactive is a full-service digital agency for heritage brands based in New York City. We design and build thoughtful, creative websites that help heritage brands raise their profile and connect with customers.

Our services.

Powerful, authentic, and timeless–just a few of the reasons why heritage brands hold a special place in our hearts. We offer a variety of digital marketing services that help heritage brands leverage their longevity and achieve continued growth, including:

Website and Landing Page Design

Your website should fully embrace, enhance, and elevate your brand. Your story is unique, and your website should be too. Whether creating a web presence for your brand or a targeted landing page for just one campaign, we take a thoughtful and disciplined approach to web design, ensuring that every element of the design and messaging aligns with your brand identity and helps tell your story.

Tailored Digital Strategies

We develop customized digital strategies that align with your heritage brand’s goals and market position. Our holistic approach encompasses website design, SEO, social media, and content marketing, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence.

Strategic Brand Messaging

Our team creates impactful brand messaging that highlights your unique history and authenticity. When we celebrate your brand’s legacy, we enhance perceptions and foster deeper connections with modern audiences.

Engaging Content Marketing

Our content marketing services include website copy, blog writing, social media content, and email newsletters. We focus on creating engaging, valuable content that attracts and retains your audience, driving organic traffic and increasing brand awareness.

3D Product Renderings

High-quality 3D renderings that showcase your products from every angle are a high-impact, cost-effective marketing tool, and a great alternative to traditional product photography. 3D renderings are perfect for websites, marketing materials, and sales presentations, creatively highlighting your product’s features and benefits.

Multi-Language Support

We have extensive experience supporting global brands by adapting websites for different countries and languages. This can be executed by publishing a single website in multiple languages or with separate websites based on the same creative theme but customized for each territory.

Partner with us.

At Code18 Interactive, we are passionate about helping heritage brands succeed in the modern digital marketplace. Our years of experience and strategic approach make us the go-to digital agency for heritage brands. Let us help you build an engaging digital presence, attract new customers, and achieve your business goals. Contact us today—let’s talk about making your heritage brand thrive in the current marketplace by harnessing the power of your unique legacy.

This is what we do.

As a digital agency for heritage brands, we bring decades of digital marketing expertise to the table. And we do whatever it takes to make our clients shine.

Work that works.

From strategy and creative, through development and ongoing support, our talented team creates beautiful user-friendly websites that lead heritage brands to transformative growth.

C.O. Bigelow

C.O. Bigelow is America’s oldest apothecary. We designed this online shopping experience as rich and rewarding as an in-person visit to their landmark store.

C.O. Bigelow


Made with the classic taste of Texas, Price*s Pimiento Cheese has been a family favorite since the 1950s, and is now enjoyed from coast to coast.

Price*s Pimento Cheese

Perfect partners.

We’ve worked with some of the very best heritage brands in the business, helping them continue to evolve and grow.
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  • Boursin Gourmet Cheese
  • C.O. Bigelow
  • Dormin Sleep Aid
  • Grove Atlantic
  • Kaukauna Cheese
  • Merkts Cheese
  • PediaCare
  • Price*s Pimento Cheese
  • The Laughing Cow