Web design. Made in NYC.

Elegant, user-friendly website design, and enterprise-level WordPress expertise are at our core. With a 20-year track record, our team produces thoughtful, meticulously crafted websites that elevate brands and engage customers.

Small team. Exceptional websites.

Code18 Interactive is a small team of extremely talented and experienced people producing thoughtful, engaging websites for a wide range of well-established national brands.

Website Design Agency NYC
User-Friendly Design

A great website is one that users can navigate effortlessly and without distraction. We prioritize user experience in our design process, crafting intuitive, user-friendly websites that enhance engagement and satisfaction. A successful website must be both useful and easy for people to use. If your website frustrates visitors, they will become frustrated with you.

Brand Building

Your website should fully embrace, enhance, and elevate your brand. Your story is unique, and your website should be too. We take a thoughtful and disciplined approach to web design, ensuring that every element aligns with your brand identity and helps tell your story. Our NYC-based website design team creates websites that build brands, drive interaction, and get results.

Big Picture Thinking

As you get to know us, you’ll find that our personal, hands-on approach allows us to engage with your business on a deeper level, bringing holistic, “big picture” creative thinking to everything we touch.

Work That Works

Successful work must be thoughtful, strategic, and beautiful. Websites designed by Code18 Interactive are characterized by scrupulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of brand and business goals. We take the time to fully understand your business, your challenges, and your future goals. Then, we formulate a strategic, actionable plan to steadily move the ball down the field.

Elegant, user-friendly website design is at our core.
Easy-Going Attitude

We believe the website design process should be as enjoyable as the end product. Some folks in our industry can be a bit challenging to deal with. Not us. Our NYC website design agency is approachable, communicative, and dedicated to making your experience smooth and stress-free. We take the time to explain the complicated stuff and strive to illuminate a clear path forward for you and your business.

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We elevate brands.

Code18 Interactive is a full-service website design agency based in New York City. We design and build thoughtful, creative websites that help national brands raise their profile and connect with customers.

Step by step.

It’s not just about where you’re going, it’s also about how you get there. At Code18 Interactive, our website design process is simple, powerful, reliable, and proven. Here’s how it works:

  1. Research and Planning:
    We gather all available creative assets, interview key stakeholders, study the competitive landscape, establish measurable goals and KPIs, and develop an overall vision and strategy.
  2. UX / Paper Design Phase:
    We create a site outline, flow chart, and detailed wireframes for the website’s core templates. Depending on the project, we may create user personas, mood boards, or other tools to aid pre-visualization.
  3. Visual Design Phase:
    We generate a few initial creative explorations, testing different visual concepts for the site until we find the perfect fit. Upon your review and feedback, we land on the ideal creative path. From there we refine and polish the look and feel until every detail is perfect.
  1. Development Phase:
    We code the site and test it thoroughly on all modern browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices. We handle server set-up and CMS configuration as well.
  2. Content Phase:
    Working in parallel with Design and Development, our copywriters are writing and editing the copy for your new website so that it will tell your story in an engaging and approachable way. We labor over every detail and make every word count. We also populate all the pages for you. Nice!
  3. QA and Testing Phase:
    We perform additional browser testing, load testing, and HTML validation. We document and fix all bugs, then optimize and harden the server. Only then are we ready to go live.
  4. Launch!

Why choose us?

With two decades of experience in web design and development, Code18 Interactive is an NYC web design agency with a firmly established reputation for excellence. Our team of skilled designers and developers is passionate about creating websites that build brands and exceed our clients’ expectations. We pride ourselves on our creative approach, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality. Contact us today to discuss your project and how we can help bring your vision to life.

This is what we do.

Our NYC website design team brings decades of web design and digital marketing expertise to the table. And we do whatever it takes to make our clients shine.

Work that works.

From strategy and creative, through development and ongoing support, our talented website design team creates beautiful user-friendly websites that lead to transformative growth.

Nurishh Lactose Free

We’re working with the Nurishh brand to help expand the universe of cheese alternatives for people who want a better cheese substitute.

Nurishh Brand

GoGo squeeZ

We created this website to promote America’s leading brand of squeezable fruit snacks for kids in a fun and approachable way.

GoGo squeeZ