Babybel X Big Cheese

Babybel did a collaboration with the New York Times Bestselling children’s book series, “The Food Group,” to celebrate the release of their latest title, “The Big Cheese.” It became an instant #1 NYT Bestseller!

Promotion notes.

The retail partner for this promotion is Target, and the coupon being offered changes from time to time. We created a simple way to update the coupon link on the fly, ensuring it is always up to date.

Design notes.

We developed a warm color palette that was both inspired by the book’s aesthetic and also compatible with the official Babybel brand colors, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing integration.

A merger of worlds.

Although the Mini Babybel character does not actually appear in the book, there are some visual similarities with the characters that do. This allowed us to merge the worlds on this landing page in a way that felt natural and unforced. Including the book trailer added depth to the user experience, and helped raise awareness and drive book sales as well.