Bacitraycin Plus

Dermatologists and surgeons alike prefer Bacitracin over other healing ointment ingredients, and Bacitraycin Plus is the only national brand single-ingredient antibiotic healing ointment of this type.

Content strategy.

Because Bacitraycin Plus is a multi-purpose ointment, we created a series of evergreen blog posts to highlight a variety of use cases, from minor burns to tattoo aftercare to skinned knees, which have helped attract significant organic search traffic.

Reasons to believe.

Consumers need reasons to choose Bacitraycin Plus over higher profile competitors. We leveraged the brand’s history and sterling reputation among healthcare professionals, along with organic customer testimonials.

Traditional retail plus DTC.

While Bacitraycin Plus does have a growing national distribution footprint via a variety of major retailers, it still may not be as readily available as some high-profile competing brands. So we added an e-commerce component to this website in order to augment brick-and-mortar distribution with Direct To Consumer sales.