Balmex Complete Protection

Trusted by parents and pediatricians alike for over 50 years, Balmex Complete Protection is a leading American brand in the fight against diaper rash.

Content strategy.

New parents are the primary audience for this website. We created a series of evergreen blog posts to highlight a variety of use cases for Balmex, and also to calmly explain common baby-related conundrums.

Reasons to Believe.

Trust is paramount for new parents. So in addition to highlighting the brand’s history and support from pediatricians, we included several pages that carefully explain the key ingredients and their benefits.

Multiple purchasing options.

When you’re dealing with diaper rash, you need Balmex and you need it fast. Thankfully, the brand has a large retail footprint, so we included links to numerous local and online retailers, plus an e-commerce option so that consumers can buy Balmex direct.