Bigelow Trading

Bigelow Trading is the import and distribution arm of C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries, and the exclusive US distributor of several European CPG personal-care brands: Proraso, Marvis, Carthusia, Valobra, and Tenax.

Elevated aesthetics.

As some of the world’s finest heritage brands in beauty, grooming and personal care, each brand has its own strong brand identity. We devised a platform that creates space for each brand to put its best foot forward, and avoids stylistic clashes.

Varied assets.

Each brand had a different range of assets to work with, such as advertising art, photography, product ranges, videos, and more. We created a consistent presentation style to accommodate the varying breadth, depth, and style of available creative assets.

Accommodating different audiences.

The primary audience for this site is retail buyers who might be interested in carrying products from one or more of these brands. But secondary audiences include owners of similar brands who might be looking for US representation, or customers in the US who are looking for a local retailer who carries a particular brand. The site has been extremely successful on each of these fronts.