First made in Northern France over 50 years ago, Boursin combines savory herbs and rich flavors in a creamy, yet crumbly gourmet cheese that’s extremely popular among those who love to entertain.

What’s inside the box?

Because Boursin is sold in a box, consumers are naturally curious about what they will find inside. We created unboxing animations that cleverly show the foil wrapper opening up to reveal the cheese inside.

The Boursin story.

As a global brand with over a half-century of history, we felt it was important to celebrate the origin story of Boursin Cheese. We leveraged vintage advertisements and historical elements to tell this story.

A global brand.

Boursin Cheese is available worldwide, but each country has a significantly different lineup of products and flavors. We architected this site for maximum flexibility in terms of product ranges and varieties, so that the base templates could be localized for each market. In some countries, the website even supports multiple languages.




Entertaining Ideas

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