C.O. Bigelow

Founded in 1883, C.O. Bigelow is America’s oldest apothecary, and also the makers of a world-renowned line of skincare products. We designed the Bigelow Chemists website to fully embrace and express the brand’s rich history.

A deep catalog.

With products from over 200 brands in stock, organization and planning was paramount for this project. We created ways to give equal voice to all brands, along with numerous promotional tools for highlighting different brands at different times.

Past and present.

Though C.O. Bigelow is the epitome of the term ‘heritage brand,’ they are also very firmly a forward-looking brand. This created a design challenge where we worked very hard to find the right balance of retro flair and modern sensibilities.

The importance of UX improvements.

We began the Bigelow Chemists project with a UX audit of the previous website, which illuminated a number of dead ends and black holes. We also discovered numerous brands and products that were receiving very little traffic or sales. We used this intelligence to create a variety of new features and user pathways that helped bring under-performing products to the surface and broaden the appeal and effectiveness of the website.