Chiggerex is the #1 selling treatment for chigger bites. If you live in a part of the country that does not have chiggers, consider yourself lucky. These little red monsters are notorious for the tremendous amount of itching they cause.

Chiggers and more.

While it was originally created for chigger bites, Chiggerex is an excellent remedy for all types of insect bites and stings. A key goal of this project was to help broaden the appeal of the product and drive trial.

Influencer support.

Popular outdoor adventurist and YouTube personality Coyote Peterson has prominently featured Chiggerex in two of his videos. Combined, these two videos have received over 12 million views to date!

Traditional retail plus DTC.

While Chiggerex does have a growing national distribution footprint via a variety of major retailers, it is not necessarily readily available outside of the specific regions where chiggers flourish and thrive. So we added an e-commerce component to this website in order to augment brick-and-mortar distribution with Direct To Consumer sales.