GoGo squeeZ BlastZ

GoGo squeeZ developed BlastZ to appeal to older kids who may have aged out of the core GoGo demographic. We created this website to introduce this new brand extension to teenagers and tweens.

For parents too.

Though the site was pitched towards tweens, it also had to satisfy parental concerns about nutritional content. We took care to emphasize ingredient and nutritional benefits in an attractive way that would give parents confidence.

Social integration.

Connecting with a connected generation means meeting them where they live—online. This site functioned as a hub for the brand’s social media outreach, as well as support for various in-person activations and sampling events.

Doing good.

Though BlastZ was conceived to be a separate brand from GoGo squeeZ, it still needed to embody the core values of the parent brand. These include real ingredients, no icky stuff, and an earth-friendly partnership with TerraCycle. We included all of these attributes on the BlastZ site, but presented them in a more mature way appropriate for the brand’s target market.