Grove Atlantic

Grove Atlantic is an independent literary publisher with a rich and colorful history dating back over 100 years. They are also the home of several additional imprints, including Atlantic Monthly Press, Black Cat, Roxane Gay Books, and more.

Design notes.

The books and authors are the stars here, so the site itself has a muted color palette in order to focus user attention where it belongs. Typography is clean and elegant, and information is presented in an organized, easily digestible manner.

Catalog notes.

With a diverse catalog of over 2,500 titles spanning more than seven decades, this UX design for this site required a wide variety of inter-connected user pathways in order to help readers easily discover the rich treasures found within.

A system to automate updates.

With such a large catalog of books, and so many granular data points related to each book, we needed a sensible way to keep this website up to date. So we created a custom data bridge that allows the website to import data directly from Grove’s internal systems on a daily basis, reduces the data entry labor required for upkeep, and ensures the website is always up to date.