Hyggut was a startup CPG brand at the vanguard of gut health, offering a range of simple and delicious snacks made with prebiotic acacia fiber designed to support your gut and overall well-being from the inside out.

Design notes.

The demo most likely to give Hyggut a try are health-conscious individuals who already enjoy things such as kombucha, organic foods, yoga, etc. Accordingly, we took an organic, natural approach to the look and feel of this site.

Content notes.

A core communication challenge with this site was to convey health and nutrition related information in a way that didn’t come across as too clinical or technical sounding. We’re talking about snack time, not science class. We think we nailed it.

Sounds weird. Tastes great.

The name was a stylized riff on the Danish word ‘Hygge’ which describes cozy contentment. The ingredients included spinach, beets, bell peppers, and other things not traditionally associated with snack foods. But the product truly tasted great, so we focused a lot of our effort on this website towards inspiring trial and helping people open their minds to something radically new. Unfortunately, Hyggut was simply ahead of its time.