Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply is the preeminent purveyor of professional hair, makeup and wardrobe products to Broadway and Hollywood alike. We designed this stylish e-commerce website to help the company cater to the creative communities they serve.

UX notes.

With over 7,000 products and 50+ categories, creating a user-friendly catalog organization for this project presented a wonderful challenge. We developed structured data and thoughtful user pathways to help shoppers easily navigate the site.

Migration notes.

The previous MWS website was built on a bespoke e-commerce platform that offered no support for cross-platform data sharing. To overcome this obstacle, we manual exported of all database tables, and created a custom solution to restructure the data to fit Magento 2 specifications.

Elevating overlooked brands.

We began this project with a UX audit during which we discovered numerous brands and products that were under-performing. We used this insight to create a variety of new shopping features and discovery tools, plus major improvements in search, cross-sales, and related product functionality, that together helped bring overlooked products to the surface more often, and broadened the overall appeal and effectiveness of the website.