The star of countless tailgates, picnics, and BBQs, Merkts cheese spread is a Wisconsin tradition since 1950. We designed this bold and colorful WordPress website to embrace and amplify the brand’s personality.

A true trailblazer.

In the 1970s Merkts was one of only a handful of women-led businesses in the US. Carol Merkt was a trailblazer in American business, attending conferences all around the globe, and securing deals to ensure her company will thrive.

A casual vibe.

Merkts is a staple of casual entertaining and friendly gatherings. Think picnics, tailgates, and backyard barbecues. We embraced this vibe in the design through iconography and tone of voice, as well as with casual, pub-inspired recipe ideas.

A regional favorite goes national.

Though born in Wisconsin and an established tradition in the upper Midwest, Merkts has only recently begun to enjoy a measure of nationwide popularity. To help consumers locate this delicious cheese spread at their local grocer, we built a custom store finder tool which integrates retail scanner data provided by Emplifi with mapping tools provided by Google.

Babybel X The Big Cheese
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