Made with the classic taste of Texas, real cheese, and quality, fresh ingredients, Price*s Pimiento Cheese has been a family favorite since the 1950s, and is now enjoyed from coast to coast.

Bold flavors.

Price*s cheese is noted for fresh ingredients and bold flavors. We designed the site to embody these characteristics with crisp, clean typography, bold fonts and colors, and crave-worthy photography.

Colorful history.

From humble beginnings as a small family operation, Price*s has grown into a traditional favorite enjoyed from coast to coast. We created an illustrated timeline to help tell the brand’s origin story.

A regional favorite goes national.

Though born in Texas and an established favorite in the Southern United States, Price*s is a growing brand with ever-expanding nationwide popularity. To help consumers locate this delicious pimento cheese spread at their local grocer, we built a custom store finder tool which integrates retail scanner data provided by Emplifi with mapping tools provided by Google.