Walter Reeves

Gardening in Georgia is synonymous with Walter Reeves, the preeminent ‘Garden Guru’ in the Southeast. Walter Reeves is well-known for his past work on television, radio, and in newsprint. This WordPress website serves as his home on the web.

A supportive community.

This site is also the home of “Name That Plant,” a user forum where the general public can upload plant photos for identification by Walter or other members of the community. It has been a huge success with over 12,000 plants posted to date.

Advertiser supported.

The website is supported by unobtrusive advertising and contextually appropriate affiliate links. There are no pop-ups, overlays, or other user-hostile gimmicks, proving that it is still possible to publish on the web without abusing your readers.

A genuine voice.

Though he is now retired, Walter Reeves continues to enjoy high name recognition due to his many years as a radio and television personality, and his frequent newspaper articles and newsletters. His readers feel they know him, so we designed this site to fully reflect his genuine, down-to-earth personality and friendly, knowledgable voice. It is a true expression of who Walter is.