Frequently Asked Questions

People always have a lot of questions when it comes to building a new website or promoting their brand online. We totally get it. Here’s a few of the basic questions that we get asked the most, but if you have any others contact us!

Do you design and build custom websites?

You bet we do. In fact, all of our websites are custom designed specifically to address our clients’ specific marketing needs. Full-service, bespoke WordPress and Magento 2 website design and development is our thing, and we take a lot of pride in providing our clients with one-of-a-kind digital solutions.

What else can you help my company with?

While website design and development is definitely our sweet spot, we also do pretty much everything that might fall under the "digital marketing" umbrella. That includes social media, SEO, email marketing, web video production, and more. Plus, everyone on the Code18 Interactive team has a wealth of varied experience under their belts from their days at the big shops—so if you have something unusual or interesting in mind, let us know.

Do you work with startups?

We love entrepreneurs of all stripes. At Code18 Interactive our primary focus is on serving national CPG and Media brands. If your startup happens to fall under one of those categories, we’d love to chat with you.

How much does a WordPress or Magento 2 website cost to build? How long does it take?

Well, that is the magic question, isn’t it? At Code18 Interactive, all of our work is custom, and every project has its own unique details, goals and requirements. To generate an accurate estimate for your project, we need to chat about what you have in mind and your goals. Once we understand the scope of work involved, we can put some numbers together and give you a reliable estimate. If you have written up an RFP or a project outline, please send it to us using our contact form. That will speed the process up considerably.

Can you build a site with Drupal / Joomla / Shopify / SquareSpace / etc?

While there is certainly a wide variety of capable content management systems out there, we have chosen to focus our efforts on the two platforms that we consider to be the very best at what they do: WordPress and Magento 2. And for email marketing, our platform of choice is MailChimp, because seriously—life is just too short to mess with anything else.

Do you offer ongoing website maintenance?

Of course. All WordPress and Magento 2 websites require ongoing care and maintenance. Our goal is to be a reliable and valuable long-term partner to each of our clients, and to continue to support both their website and their business well into the future. We find that the deeper our client relationship, the more efficient and impactful we can be in our work. It's a win-win.

Do you offer website hosting?

We do offer highly secure and reliable, white-glove WordPress hosting for websites that are designed and built by Code18 Interactive. We find that when a client chooses to host their site with us, it makes ongoing updates, maintenance, security and troubleshooting much more efficient.

Due to the specialized technical requirements of Magento 2, we recommend that clients host Magento 2 websites with a hosting company that is specifically purpose-built for that platform, such as MageMojo.

Why does your phone number have a 404 area code?

Although we are now a NYC web design agency, our roots are in Atlanta, GA, where Code18 Interactive was originally born. We keep our 404 area code as a loving nod to our original hometown.